Descriptions - Kids/Teens/Adults

1:1 Online Personal Training, BTF@HOME

  • One month commitment at-a-time.  
  • Workout on your own time when it's convenient for you.  
  • One month (4 weeks) of workouts.  Receive weekly workouts.  
  • Price varies based on number of workouts per week.   
  • Set weekly time(s) for communication, feedback, help, coaching between individual and trainer.
  • Workouts individualized, based on previous weeks, feedback.  How did you feel?  What was successful?  What was challenging?  What did you like/not like?  What are you goals? 

1:1 Personal Private Training

  • One month commitment at-a-time.
  • Recommended at least 2 classes per week, 8 classes total.
  • Price varies based on number of days per week.  
  • Days/Times set up based on individual/trainer availability.  


Call/Text (314) 698-6629, email for more information.

For all ages and fitness levels.  I have been doing CrossFit, in addition to other  types of strength and conditioning work, since 2008.  I have been coaching  kids and adults since 2012.  I love working with beginners, those new to fitness, just getting started,  need a reboot, fresh start, who want to learn to move well, lift weights, build strength, lose weight, feel good, and just have fun and enjoy exercising.   I have personal experience in a variety of nutrition areas, as well.