General Information about our Youth Program

  • We want kids to have fun with fitness and develop life long habits.  
  • NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED!  ALL abilities and fitness levels.  Beginners to advanced.  
  • Programs are specifically designed for kids/teens, based off The Brand X Method, The World Leader in Youth Fitness.
  • We want kids to move well FIRST before we add any load.  
  • We do what's best in physical fitness, physical literacy, strength & conditioning, sports and injury prevention.  
  • Classes are held separately from adults and kept small to maintain effective coach-to-athlete ratio.  We individualized instruction within a group setting.  
  • We EXPLORE movement first, learn to consistently EXPRESS that movement, then add loads and intensities to EXCEL in workouts. 
  • We start with a BASE skill set, basic movement patterns, then BUILD and BOOST on those skills sets.   
  • Coaches are trained to know when to progress, correct movement, introduce new skills/movements safely and effectively.    
  • A coach determines movement progressions/weights used by athletes.  A weight may feel light for an athlete, or an athlete may have done a specific weight before, but it might not be the right weight in that particular movement, task, skill or workout.

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We are proud to be a Brand X Training Center for Kids & Teens.  Click the logo to learn more.


Cardio/Respiratory Endurance | Strength | Stamina | Power 

Speed | Flexibility | Coordination | Balance | Agility | Accuracy